NFC Dev Kit Helps Jumpstart IoT App Designs

NFC Dev Kit Helps Jumpstart IoT App Designs

The M24SR Discovery Kit from STMicroelectronics provides the materials needed to start adding near-field-communication (NFC) connectivity to any electrical device, from fitness watches and loudspeakers to washing machines and water meters. The kit, created for the company’s M24SR dynamic NFC tags, integrates a dynamic NFC/RFID tag (M24SR64-Y), STM32F1 microcontroller, 13.56-MHz antenna, LCD color screen, USB connector, JTAG connector, and joystick for menu selection. In an effort to accelerate the design of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, it illustrates NFC use cases such as “tap and pair,” URL connection, send an SMS or an email, and business-card download. A Premium version of the kit adds a Bluetooth module with audio outputs and a headset to demonstrate Bluetooth pairing of a smartphone and audio device with the M24SR. The M24SR dynamic tags, which combine serial-bus (I2C) and contactless RF (NFC Forum Tag Type 4) interfaces, support the NFC data exchange format (NDEF) and 128-bit password protection.


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