Sage Software-Dev Tool Upgrades Include Seamless Multicore Debug

Release 3.0 of the Sage EDK and SmartProbe software-development tools includes delivery of all target information in one list and support of multicore debugging. Such debugging gives developers greater control and visibility into the operation of their entire system when performing debug on multicore systems. The Sage EDK integrated development environment (IDE) facilitates development and debug of x86 platforms. Version 3.0 of Sage EDK, based on Eclipse Kepler (the latest generation of Eclipse), offers seamless multicore debugging for system firmware and bootloader (including Sage’s coreboot-based SageBIOS). It monitors the execution process on every core in the system simultaneously in a unified debug interface. Moreover, it manipulates each core individually to focus on a single execution thread or all cores simultaneously for greater automation. The platform works with the SmartProbe embedded-development JTAG tool, providing a full system view of the design under development.


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