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CodePeer 23 staticanalysis tool
<p>CodePeer 2.3 static-analysis tool</p>

Updates Arrive For Ada Code Static-Analysis, GNATcoverage Dynamic-Analysis Tools

AdaCore unveiled the latest versions of its CodePeer static-analysis tool for Ada source code and the GNATcoverage source and object code coverage analysis tool. CodePeer assesses potential bugs before program execution to find errors early in the development lifecycle. It also performs impact and vulnerability analysis upon modification of existing code, and employs control- and data-flow techniques to avoid lengthy debugging. CodePeer 2.3 provides more precise diagnostic messages and fewer “false positives.” An independent Ada front-end enhances efficiency and flexibility. Other enhancements include support for floating-point overflow on unconstrained types, and the ability to supply target configuration files. It’s fully integrated into the GNAT Pro development environment. The GNATcoverage tool doesn’t require instrumentation of the executable. The new GNATcoverage 1.2 supports usage with an iSystem hardware probe generating Nexus trace data, as well as usage with Valgrind on Linux. It works with Ada 95, Ada 2005, and many new features in Ada 2012, and can be used for the upcoming SPARK 2014 revision. Qualification material is available to support GNATcoverage usage as a verification tool (DO-178B).


GNATcoverage 1.2 source and object code coverage analysis tool

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