Electronic Design

1-Gbyte Registered DIMM Outshines Stacked Memories

A 1-Gbyte DIMM with a 1.2-in. profile is based on the company's Foldable Electronic Memory Module Assembly (FEMMA) high-density memory technology. This nonstacking technology eliminates the high costs, yield issues, and production delays associated with the memory-device stacking alternative. The 1.2-in. registered DDR333 module is built with 36 individual TSOP-II, 256-Mbit memory chips arranged in two banks for a total of 128 Mbits by 72. The 184-pin, 2.5-V unit follows JEDEC specifications. It measures 1.2 by 5.25 by 0.32 in., suiting it for tight spaces. The KT12872DRN6RXX-V5 1-Gbyte DIMM costs $495.

Kentron Technologies Inc.
www.kentrontech.com; (978) 988-9100, ext. 2136

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