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32 Bit MCU Family Adds 78 Members

32 Bit MCU Family Adds 78 Members

The V850ES/Jx3 family of 32-bit all flash microcontrollers (MCUs) adds 78 new MCUs that are suitable for industrial applications. In addition to sharing the same architecture and development environment as their ancestors, the latest MCUs enable easy migration of software and hardware, contributing to faster time-to market at lower cost. Features include a 20-MHz operating frequency, 38-DMIPS performance while consuming 0.9 mW per million instructions per second (mW/MIPS), a power consumption of 0.7 µA in standby mode with the real-time counter operating, and flash memory sizes up to 512 KB. Mass production is scheduled to begin in June. NEC ELECTRONICS AMERICA INC., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 366-9782.


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