Electronic Design

64-bit Floating Point Coprocessor Supports IEEE 754 Calculations

The uM-FPU64 floating point coprocessor chip provides support for IEEE 754-compatible, 64-bit floating point and integer calculations, expanded digital I/O, and analog input capabilities as well as support for local peripheral devices.  The device can interface to a wide range of popular microcontrollers and be configured as a stand-alone microcontroller for embedded applications. The uM-FPU64 is compatible with the instruction set of Micromega’s popular uM-FPU V3.1 32-bit floating point coprocessor. Advanced instructions are provided for fast data transfer, matrix operations, FFT calculations, serial input/output, NMEA sentence parsing, string handling, digital input/output, analog input, and control of local devices. Available in PDIP-28, SOIC-28 or TQFP-44 packages, single-unit price is $24.95. Micromega Corp., Ontario, Canada. (613) 547-5193.

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