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8x8 Video Crosspoint Switch IC Simplifies Designs That Rely On Discrete Components

Greatly simplifying designs that are traditionally built with discrete components, MAX4456 is a complete 8x8 video crosspoint switch that's suited for security systems, video test equipment, and teleconferencing applications. A selectable serial or parallel digital interface controls the routing of any of eight inputs to any of eight outputs. On-chip input buffers and three-stateable output buffers allow easy interconnection of multiple stages for achieving larger crosspoint arrays. The IC exhibits a 35-MHz, -3dB bandwidth and 80 dB off-isolation with 70 dB single-channel crosstalk at 5 MHz. The output buffers feature a slew rate of 250V/µs. All outputs can be three-stated to allow wire-ORed configurations. The outputs drive 400 ohm loads with an output swing of ±1.3V and are stable with 40 pF of capacitance, which simplifies layout constraints. Packaging is a 44-pin PLCC or 40-pin DIP.


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