Electronic Design

Access The Internet With AT Commands

The CO710AG is the latest iChip Internet controller that employs Connect One's AT+i command set. The command set is an extension of the popular AT modem command set. This simple, serial interface allows devices to access a network using dial-up modems, wireless modems, and Ethernet links. As a result, even 8-bit MCUs can easily communicate with remote servers.

The CO710AG incorporates a full TCP/IP stack plus upper-layer protocols like SMTP, POP3, MIME, HTTP, WAP, FTP, and TELNET. The controller is built around an ARM7TDMI processor, 512 kbytes of flash memory, and 128 kbytes of SRAM. It can be used with the CO710AG-XM, which includes an additional 896 kbytes of user-definable flash memory and 128 kybtes of SRAM. The CO710AG is priced at $20, and the CO710AG-XM costs $22.


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