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AFE Clocks At 65 Msamples/s

Setting a new standard for speed, the AD9970 analog front end (AFE) represents what may be a 30% improvement in signal conversion performance with sampling rates to 65 Msamples/s and a power consumption of 155 mW. Targeting consumer imaging products such as camcorders and digital still cameras, the device performs as a complete AFE with a correlated double sampler, variable gain amplifier, 14-bit a/d converter, and a programmable timing driver. It also debuts as one of the first AFEs on the market to use a LVDS interface for high-definition imaging equipment. This interface, responsible for handling the signal output, reduces EMI shielding requirements while enabling a LFCSP package size of 5 mm x 5 mm. Price is $10.74 each/1,000. ANALOG DEVICES INC.,Wilmington, MA. (800) 262-5643.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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