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Amplifiers Use Little Power In Handling High-Speed Analog Signals

Designed for handling high-speed analog signals, such as video-over-twisted pair lines or other noisy environments, the EL5X7X portfolio of op amps includes drivers and receivers featuring high-frequency, high-slew-rate operation, short-circuit protection, and very low power dissipation. Among the devices in this high-speed amplifier family are 200- and 500-MHz differential line receivers and differential twisted pair drivers. The EL5172 and EL5372 are 200-MHz receivers available in both single and triple versions and featuring 600V/µs slew rates while operating from just an 8 mA power supply. The EL5375 is a 500-MHz triple differential line receiver and EL5175 is a single line receiver featuring 1,100V/µs (typical) slew rates from a 9 mA supply. All EL5X7X receivers have a differential input range of ±3.6V and operate from a single 5V or dual ±5V supply. They are stable for a fixed gain of one and require two external resistors to set the voltage gain. The EL5X7X family's differential twisted-pair drivers include the EL5170 and EL5171 single and EL5370 and EL5371 triple amplifier devices offering 1,000V/µs slew rates from an 8 mA supply current. Other driver devices in the op amp family include the 400-MHz bandwidth EL5173/5174 single amplifiers and EL5373/5374 touting a 500-MHz bandwidth at 3 dB and 1,600 V/µs slew rate. The EL5170/5173/5370/5373 have a fixed gain of two while EL5171/5174/5371/5374 offer two feedback inputs, giving the user the ability to set the gain of each device (stable at a minimum gain of one). All drivers have fully differential inputs, outputs and feedback, with an input range of ±3.6V. EL5X7X amps also feature 50 mA output current, with outputs short-circuit protected to withstand temporary overload conditions. Housed in either 8- or 20-pin surface-mount packages, the receiver members of the EL5X7X family range in price from $1.05 to $3.99 each/1,000, while the drivers are available housed in 8- or 24-pin packages and are also priced from $1.05 to $3.99 each/1,000. For more information, contact Sameer Vuyyuru at INTERSIL CORP., Elantic Group, Milpitas, CA. (408) 945-1323.

Company: INTERSIL CORP. - Elantic Group

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