Electronic Design

ARM MCUs Gain Compact RTOS And Protocol Stacks

ARM processors are the quarry of CMX's latest operating-system and protocol-stack versions, including CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ operating systems. Protocol stacks like CMX-Micronet and CMX TCP/IP can fit into as little as 3.5 kbytes of flash. The latter includes an HTTP server, FTP, TFTP, and Telnet and BOOTP servers. The stacks support a range of interfaces, including serial and Ethernet connections. The CMX-FFS (flash file system), CMX-FFS-NAND, and CMX-FFS-FAT provide nonvolatile memory support. The CMX-CANopen module offers CMX-RTX with CANopen connectivity. These packages include full source code, and they can be compiled using ARM RealView, GNU, IAR, and KEIL compilers. Pricing starts at $2900.


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