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ARM9 Plugs Into ARM7 Socket

Atmel's 200-MIPS ARM926EJ-S-based AT91SAM9260 has the same pinouts as its ARM7 product line, providing developers with an upgrade path to this higher-performance platform. The chip sports an RC oscillator, a camera interface, seven USARTs, a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, a 12-Mbit/s USB device and host controller with on-chip transceivers, three synchronous serial controllers (SSC), two master/slave SPI, a three-channel 16-bit timer/counter, and a two-wire interface (TWI). External bus interfaces support SDRAM, flash, NAND Flash with built-in ECC, SD, SDIO, and Multimedia Card interface (MMC). The chip has 8 kbytes of SRAM and 32 kbytes of ROM. An eight-level, 32-source priority interrupt controller, 24 DMA channels, and a five-layer high-speed bus matrix all augment internal performance. The chip is available in a 217-ball low-profile fine-pitch ball-grid array RoHS-compliant package and 208-pin Green quad flat pack packages. Pricing starts below $6.

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