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ASIC Design Choices And IDM Supply Options

ASIC Design Choices And IDM Supply Options

A SIC design isn't for the faint of heart. Success requires expertise, and the challenges increase with the movement to submicron designs. Yet with the complexities of ASIC design, customers will often leave performance on the table.

Partnering with an integrated device manufacturer (IDM) that understands the process can let customers focus their resources where they can add the most value, the design itself. The IDM can manage the other areas of the process, speeding time-to-market by eliminating the need for handoffs with multiple vendors at various points in the cycle. Working closely with an IDM, customers can develop optimized products that work the first time.

Three popular approaches for creating an ASIC are cell-based ASICs, gate arrays, and structured ASICs. IDMs will support one or more approaches, offering varying degrees of assistance for each step in the development process, from design through to packaging and assembly.

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