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Audio Codec Targets Portable Systems

Designed for high-volume portable entertainment systems, the CS42L50 audio codec expands the companyÕs Total-ETM product line. The device provides a dynamic range of 96 dB, said to be the widest in the industry for a portable codec.Also claimed for the codec is the lowest headphone amplifier distortionÑspecified at 0.01%Ñ and power consumptionÑ19 mW. Integrated features include stereo 2:1 MUX, a microphone pre-amplifier, stereo a/d and d/a converters, digital gain and attenuation, bass and treble boost, dynamic range compression and limiting, line output, and the headphone amplifier.In addition to high-quality audio recording and play back, the device claims to reduce product footprints by integrating all features into a low-profile 28-pin package. Price is $3.05 each/10,000. CIRRUS LOGIC, INC., Fremont, CA. (512) 912-6324


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