Audio Processor Clearly Delivers All Sound Levels

Audio Processor Clearly Delivers All Sound Levels

The STMicroelectronics STA311B audio processor incorporates High Dynamic Range (HDR) audio-signal acquisition technology. HDR signal acquisition allows digital signals with a dynamic range exceeding 130 dB to be generated without the need for expensive, high-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

This technique, for which ST has a patent application pending, allows the STA311B to process loud or quiet sounds with the same degree of clarity, delivering unprecedented audio quality.

The STA311B embeds eight audio-processing channels with up to 10 independent user-selectable biquadratic filters per channel, input and output mixing capabilities, multi-band dynamic range compression, advanced pop-free operation, auto-detection of input sampling frequency, input and output (pre- and post-processing) root mean square (RMS) metering, ST’s proprietary FFXTM Pulse Width Modulation technology, and HDR acquisition inputs in a single device.
Audio equipment and subsystem manufacturers can use the processor to reduce costs by developing multiple products based on the same design yet still tailored for a variety of price/performance scenarios.

The STA311B’s I/O RMS metering function increases the final product’s level of safety without any additional hardware cost. Whereas previous solutions relied on using over-specified and more expensive speakers capable of sustaining high power peaks, the STA311B allows the application to suppress unwanted energy surges that could potentially damage the speakers.



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