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Breaking News: Enhanced Xeon Processor

According to the company, Intel's enhanced Xeon processor for dual-processor servers and workstations delivers the highest performance and operates at the fastest clock speed to date. The CPU also offers drop-in compatibility with previous members in the Xeon family, permitting system suppliers to quickly upgrade system performance. Able to operate at 3.2 GHz, the processor packs a 1-Mbyte cache and a 533-MHz system bus. It can work in systems based on the Intel E7501 (for servers) or E7505 (for workstations) chip sets, the Intel PRO Gigabit Ethernet network connections, and Intel server RAID controllers. It's also hardware-compatible with systems from leading vendors and with Intel Server Products using dual Intel Xeon processors. The 3.2-GHz processor costs $851 each in 1000-unit quantities. Go to www.intel.com.

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