Electronic Design

Button Replacement Enables Complete Matrix Keypad Solution

The latest addition to the popular CapSense Express capacitive touch-sensing controller line, the CY8CMBR2016 device enables designers to implement capacitive matrix button systems up to 4 x 4 buttons without having to write firmware or learn new software tools. It supports industry-standard keypad scan and truth table host interface protocols, allowing users to leverage their existing host processor firmware. The device also features multi-touch for matrix applications that require simultaneous button presses to enter various user interface modes. The CY8CMBR2016 operates over a 1.71 V to 5.5 V range and draws a run-mode current as low as 15 mA/button. Applications include security panels, card reader keypads, biometric scanner keypads, fire alarm control panels, thermostats, and home appliances. CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., San Jose, CA. (800) 541-4736.

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