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Camera-On-A-Chip Targets Cell Phones And PDAs

A second-generation VGA sensor, the MCM20114 is smaller, consumes less power and costs less than its predecessor. Developed using the companyÕs ImageMOS technology, the new chip is expected to give designers the ability to produce highly integrated, cost effective, lower power products, such as digital still and PC cameras. It will also help them build video and digital still image capabilities into cell phones, PDAs, and other portable devices.Called a Òcamera-on-a-chip,Ó the MCM20114 has a 640 x 480-pixel format and incorporates a pinned photo diode sensor array for high sensitivity and low noise. Also integrated on the chip is the required circuitry for timing, I2C control, and row and column decoding. In addition, the device features an integrated analog image processing chain, including programmable gain amplifier, programmable white balance control, and a 10-bit A/D converter. Suggested pricing for the MCM20114 is $6 each/100K. For more details, contact Gene Heavican at MOTOROLA INC., Austin, TX. (480) 814-5030.


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