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CAN MCU Tinier Than Ever

Controller-area-network (CAN) microcontrollers (MCUs) continue to shrink, judging from the release of Microchip's 28-pin PIC18Fxx80 CAN MCU. It comes in a 6- by 6-mm QFN package. The family incorporates an ECAN controller to offload the 8-bit PIC processor. The processor has 16 to 32 kbytes of flash, 1.5 kbytes of RAM, and 256 bytes of EEPROM. The chip can use its internal 32-MHz clock or an external source. Peripherals include a 10-bit, 11-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC), two analog comparators, and dual pulse-width-modulation timers that can be synchronized with the ADC. There also is an EUSART with local interconnect network (LIN) support. Extended temperature range and 80-pin versions are available. Pricing for the PIC18F4580 starts at $5.74, and the cost of the demonstration kit starts at $199.


TAGS: Microchip
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