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Capacitive Touch Controllers Exhibit Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Capacitive Touch Controllers Exhibit Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Targeting computing, white goods, and portable products, the latest members of the PureTouch family of capacitive touch controllers can be implemented through button, slider and scroll options. The LDS6100 touch controller family is optimized for ultra-low power consumption and enables power-efficient continuous scan of buttons without sleep modes, making the devices suitable for portable applications. In continuous scan mode, the LDS6100 consumes 125 mW. It supports a variety of industry-standard interfaces including I 2C, SPI, and SMBus. Other features include integrated LED drivers and Direct Communication Mode (DCM), which assigns a status pin to each capacitive sensor, enabling touch buttons to perform like mechanical buttons. The devices are currently sampling and are available at $0.85 each/10,000. I NTEGRATED DEVICE TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 345-7015.


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