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Chip Boosts Frame Rates For Blur-Free HDV

Integrating picture management and scan conversion to deliver frame rates to 120 Hz from conventional 60-Hz rates, the TC90240XBG promises to significantly improve the blurry motion experienced during fast-action scenes in high-definition content. Reportedly, OEMs can easily integrate the chip into existing 60-Hz panel designs. It relies on LVDS connectivity to transform 60-Hz video signal from a MPEG decoder, and, via motion estimation and motion compensation, builds the additional frames up to a 120-Hz refresh rate. Other features include de-juddering, color management, RGB gamma correction, frame-rate control dither, edge enhancement, a DDR-2 memory controller, an I2C interface, and a PLL. Available in a 31mm x 31mm PBGA-564 with a 1-mm ball pitch, sample price is $30 each. TOSHIBA AMERICA ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS INC., San Jose, CA. (949) 623-2900.


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