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Chipset Delivers 3-CCD Color To 1-CCD Cameras At 50 Mpix/s

Said to be the first chipset to deliver 3-CCD color quality to 1-CCD cameras at rates of 50 megapixels per second, the NDX-1250 chip serves as an analog front end, while the SiP-1250 IC is a smart image processor (SiP). Both chips employ sophisticated, proprietary algorithms, which the company claims delivers visually superior image quality, high resolution and wide dynamic range with just a single CMOS sensor or CCD.
With this chipset, designers can build a hybrid camera-- a single consumer product that can be used as both a high-quality still camera and video camera.
The NDX-1250 comes in a 48-lead TQFP package and sells for $15 each/ 100,000. The SiP-1250 comes in a 256-ball BGA package and sells for $40 each/100,000.


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