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Chipset Enables MP3 Recording And Playback

Enabling both decoding (playback) and encoding (recording) of music in digital MP3 format, the MAS 3587F chip allows the development of MP3 recorder/playback products that do not have to rely on a PC or the Internet as the only source for MP3 music files. According to the company, products developed with the new device will be able to record music from any accessible source and the real-time MP3 encoder unit will then transform the music directly into MP3 format. Besides the MAS 3587F, only one stand-alone controller and the flash memory card are needed in order to build a complete MP3 recorder. The product offers both serial and parallel I/Os and comes in a 1.4-mm high, 64-pinTQFP. Price is under $12 each in large quantities and will be available in volume production from the beginning of 2001.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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