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Clock Managers Optimized For MIPS Architectures

The CLK family takes the stage as the industry's first high-performance, advanced clock management devices tailored for MIPS-based, open architecture systems. The family includes what the company calls flexible clock generators and a low-skew buffer. The CM5371 GEN-M7K and CM5391L GEN-M9K flexible clock generators employ spread spectrum technology and allow users to select multiple clock frequencies. The CM74CB218 LSB-2x9 low-skew buffers provide buffered outputs in applications that require more copies of signals than are provided by the flexible clock generators. Each device is compatible with the company's MIPS-based microprocessors, the 200- to 900-MHz RM7000 and RM5200 families and the 1-GHz RM9000 devices. The CM5371 GEN-M7K and CM5391L GEN-M9K in 20-pin TSSOPs are priced at $4.50 and $7.50 each/10,000, respectively, and the CM74CB218 LSB-2x8 in a 28-pin SSOP is $3.45 each/10,000. For more information on the new clock managers, contact PMC-SIERRA INC, Santa Clara, CA. (604) 415-6065.


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