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CODEC Chip Lowers The Boom On Power

Groomed for portable media products, the MG1264 H.264 VGA codec IC claims to deliver up to three times the processing power of comparable devices while consuming substantially less power. The chip is a complete a/v codec that includes H.264, VGA 30-fps video and two-channel AAC audio codecs. Power consumption while encoding is 185 mW. The device employs a patented architecture, called enabling video everywhere (EVE) that enlists several technologies. These include media-processing engines that are active only when data is being processed, a multi-threaded microcontroller with single-cycle context switching, video preprocessor, and a memory controller with forward seeking transaction reordering that allows all functions to operate with a single 16-bit SDRAM. Price is less than $10 each in production volumes. MOBILYGEN, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 869-4000


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