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Color Processor Shortens Camera Design Cycle

Designed to complement the camera-on-a-chip functionality of the firm’s image sensors, the TrueColor Processor PB-R006 is the first in a series of color processing chips that shortens the camera design cycle by eliminating the need for specialized color-processing hardware or software. The device converts the output of the firm’s CIF-size PB-0100 and VGA-format PB-0300 CMOS image sensors into the 24-bit RGB or 16-bit YUV industry-standard video formats. The processing rate of the chip is 60 frames per seconds at CIF resolution and 30 fps at VGA resolution. Functions include Bayer RGB color interpolation, fully programmable color and gamma correction, and aperture correction. In addition, an on-chip measurement engine provides for white balance adjustments.


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