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Compression Chip Meets JBIG Standards

Based on the ISO/IEC IS 11544, ITU Rec. T.82 Compression Standard or JBIG (Joint Binary Image Experts Group) standard, the IP00C401 advanced compression chip solves a number of problems associated with text, halftones and medical image transmission and archiving. JBIG can offer 20% to 50% more compression with a text document, and 200% to 500% more compression for halftone images than ITU Rec. T.4 and Rec. T.6 (also known as Group 3 and 4), the common standards for facsimile transmission. This increased performance with a variety of data types is attributed to the context modeler and an arithmetic coder used in JBIG, rather than the run length and modified Huffman or modified Read methods in Group 3 and 4 compression. This method can handle gray-scale images requiring lossless compression such as medical image data for transmission and archiving by processing each bit plane separately. The IP00C401 JBIG compression offers 120-Mbps compression/expansion in parallel, is compatible with two- or three-line templates, offers stuff byte and marker code attach/remove function, AT pixel movement up to 127, requires no external memory and has a variety of host bus and DMA options. Device comes in 144-pin QFP operating at 3.3V.


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