Customizable FPGAs Consume 75% Less Power

Customizable FPGAs Consume 75% Less Power

Lattice’s iCE40 Ultra family of FPGAs reduces power consumption by 75% over previous devices. The FPGAs also integrate greater functionality into a smaller form factor, with the smallest iCE40 Ultra device coming in a wafer-level chip-scale (WLCS) package measuring 1.7 by 2.1 by 0.45 mm.

The iCE40 Ultra family is designed for applications such as infrared remote, barcode, touch, user identification, and pedometers. The devices can be extensively customized so that manufacturers can implement key differentiating features into their products.

All products in the family integrate LED drivers, multipliers/accumulators, and serial interfaces. The ASSP-like integration saves system power and helps accelerate implementation, giving designers more time to spend on customization.


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