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DDR2 DRAM Tops Out At 800 Mbits/s

DDR2 SDRAMs reached a new speed plateau with Elpida Memory's 800-Mbit/s version for a 256-Mbit device. The monolithic DDR2 DRAM comes with either an 8- or 16-bit data bus, both of which target DDR2 unbuffered dual-inline memory modules (DIMMs). Such memory modules are ideal for high-end PCs and workstations. They're also a good match for the latest processor front-side buses, which help PCs maximize data throughput.

The EDE2508ABSE and EDE2516ABSE are organized as 8 Mwords by 8 bits by four banks and as 4 Mwords by 16 bits by four banks, respectively. They're produced using the company's advanced 0.10-µm process and come in 60-ball FBGA (EDE2508ABSE) and 84-ball FBGA (EDE2516-ABSE) packages. The memories operate from a low, 1.85-V supply and feature a burst length of 4 or 8 and a CAS latency (CL) of 5.

Samples of both devices are available now. Contact the company for volume pricing.

Elpida Memory Inc.

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