Electronic Design

Digital Amplifier Controller Steers 100-W, 6-Ω Delivery

The TAS5182, a digital amplifier power-stage controller, manages the delivery of a full 100 W at 6 Ω for driving speakers in home theater applications. High-efficiency amplification enables a 90% reduction in typical heatsink size and a 50% reduction in power-supply requirements. The controller's architecture uses external, discrete MOSFETs for the H-bridge. To protect the system and simplify design in high-power audio applications, the TAS5182 provides overcurrent protection, overtemperature sensing, and undervoltage lockout. Top- or bottom-pad heatsinking options are available. In a 56-pin HTSSOP PowerPad package, samples of the TAS5182 are priced at $5.43 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Texas Instruments Inc.
www.ti.com; (800) 336-5236

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