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Digital Audio Chips Boost Quality And Efficiency

The Sound Terminal family of digital-audio devices promise high-quality audio, lower power dissipation, and reduced manufacturing costs to applications such as flat-panel TV sets, wireless products, and personal audio systems. Initial devices in the family include a series of single-chip systems that include the STA326 and STA323 for 20W to 80W, 10W to 20W, and less than 1.5W power ranges. Each chip integrates digital audio processing, digital-amplifier control, and a DDX digital power output stage. The STA326 can drive two channels up to 30W or one channel up to 60W and is configurable via digital control to operate in several different output modes. It offers a range of processing and equalization options including up to four programmable 28-bit biquads per channel and bass/treble control. Other features include a SNR of 100 dB and an amplifier efficiency up to 94%. For more details, call STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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