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Digital Media Processor Cuts Costs And Design Cycles

A high-performance programmable media processor optimized for document image processing comes as the result of a joint development project between Intel Corp. and Xerox Corp. The MXP5800 and MXP5400 digital media processors, which will be available through Intel, perform the complex tasks typically required in mid-range and high-end digital imaging products such as digital copiers, scanners, printers, and multifunction devices.

Due to the programmable device's flexibility, the MXP5800 significantly reduces development costs and design cycles. Also, its high performance promises ASIC-like performance. The processor is based on an array of eight compute engines that combine data-flow-driven processors and specialized hardware accelerators.

In all, a total of 40 independent programmable units with 16 multiplier-accumulator blocks are integrated on-chip. Also included are 80 kbytes of distributed memory, two 16-bit 266-MHz double-data-rate (DDR) SDRAM interfaces, two 18-channel DMA controllers, and a 32-bit 33/66-MHz PCI interface. The lower-cost MXP5400 has four compute engines, one DDR SDRAM interface, 48 kbytes of on-chip memory, and only one 18-channel DMA controller.

In lots of 10,000 units, the MXP5800 costs $68 each, while the MXP5400 goes for $51 each. A development kit, priced at $2995, includes the processor, a PCI development card, programming tools and sample code, and documentation.

Image processing algorithms developed by Xerox are available for third-party licensing. In addition, Xerox is developing various products that will incorporate the digital media processor. It plans to introduce the first systems in 2004.

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