Electronic Design

dPMR Baseband Processor Resides In Single Chip

Riding in a single chip, the CMX8341 Digital Private Mobile Radio (dPMR) baseband processor targets low-cost, license-free digital dPMR radios conforming to the ETSI standard, TS102 490. Its 6.25kHz digital mode supports FCC part 90 narrow-banding requirements. The device offers direct connection to the microphone, speaker, and RF transceiver section of the radio. Complete analogue PMR audio processing is included with CTCSS and DCS sub-audio signaling. Other features include PLL system clock outputs, auxiliary ADCs with four selectable inputs, three auxiliary DACs, and a RAMDAC to automate transmitter power ramping. Tx enable and Rx enable outputs are also available to facilitate transmit/receive switching. The CMX8341 operates from a 3.3V supply, includes comprehensive power-saving operating modes, and is available in a 100-pin LQFP package. CML MICROCIRCUITS INC., Winston-Salem, NC. (800) 638-5577.

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