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Drop-In Processor Adds Security To Converging Networks

Debuting as the latest member of the Sentry family of applied services processors (ASPs), the SentryFlow 9150 ASP reportedly provides a complete security solution in a low power, drop-in package. Based on the FlowThrough architecture, the device enables interoperable security with support for multi-protocols, i.e., Suite B, Advanced Encryption Standard, and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, in a package consuming less than 3W of power. It also promises easy integration of IPSec, IPcomp, SRTP, and MACSec. Other features include a latency of 4 ?s with deterministic performance, tamper response circuitry, memory obfuscation, key obfuscation, 2-Gb/s full-duplex encryption performance, and a package measuring 23 mm x 23 mm. Available in the first quarter of 2009, price is $120 each in OEM quantities. HIFN INC., Los Gatos, CA. (408) 399-3500.

Company: HIFN INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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