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ECL Logic Family Offers Upgrade Path

The first members of the ECL Pro family of ECL logic devices offers an upgrade path for OnSemiconductor's ECLinPS Plus devices. As data rates rise in the back-bone of the Internet, manufacturers of telecomm and networking products need higher performance ECL logic families having smaller form factors. The first devices in the ECL Pro family are four translators in SOIC-8 and TSSOP-8 packages. The SY10/100EPTXXX translators include: 100EPT20V, an 800-MHz LVTTL/LVCMOS-to-differential LVPECL translator; 100EPT21L, a 275-MHz Differential LVPECL-to-LVTTL translator; 100EPT22V, an 800-MHz Dual LVTTL/LVCMOS-to-Differential LVPECL translator; and 100EPT23L, a 160-MHz Dual Differential LVPECL-to-LVTTL translator. Pricing for the SY10/100EPTxxx logic starts at $5.94 each/1,000.


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