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As Editorials Go, This One Ranks Last

Retiring Editor in Chief Joe Desposito reflects on his tenure at Electronic Design and the changes he has seen in the industry. 

Last as in final, that is. Yes, this is my final editorial and for a very good reason. After six years as Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Design and more than 30 years covering the industry, I have decided to retire. I have had a wonderfully enjoyable career, like most people whose interests fit perfectly with their daily work.

It’s hard to believe that when I began my career as technical editor at Popular Electronicsback in 1981, the main editorial tools were a pencil and electric typewriter. No one in my office had computers on their desks at the time. In fact, I was hired specifically because of my knowledge of the Apple II+ computer. The magazine was looking for an editor who could cover a new beat about personal computers.

Today’s editors, of course, have a daunting array of tools at their disposal, from powerful notebook computers to smart phones, high-quality digital cameras, and video equipment. The list keeps growing as far as gadgets go, but the tools don’t stop there. The Internet, software, apps, and social media all combine to give editors unbelievable ways to connect with readers on a daily basis.

In these past six years, Electronic Design has evolved from a print publication with a Web presence to a brand with a full-blown Web site that has become a trove of highly technical “evergreen” content as well as a conduit for readers to interact with our staff editors and industry experts who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Truly amazing to me is the way Electronic Design’s talented staff continues to come up with new ideas to make our Web site more enticing and valuable to our readers. Just recently, we launched our Ask the Experts series, which is simply a way to better interact with our growing cadre of Contributing Technical Experts. We’ve also begun posting image galleries in earnest, so you get to see what we see at trade shows and other events.

As I leave to tend to the grandkids and other assignments my wife thinks up, I want you to know that this magazine will now be in the very capable hands of Nancy Friedrich, our Group Director of Editorial Content, who I’m sure will continue to bring new ideas and insight to our loyal readers.

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