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*************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** GHz sockets catalog and FREE white paper Need GHz bandwidth BGA /MLF sockets? Get standard and custom configurations, fast, from Ironwood Electronics. For a free catalog or to download our technical paper on GHz socket contactor technologies, high density footprints and heat sinking, visit http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46FB:1001CD **************************************************************** Today's Table Of Contents: 1. Editor's View *Personal Security Gets A Boost From Biometric Advances 2. Focus On DSP *ZSP Cores Now Offer aacPlus Audio Streams 3. News From The Editors *LED Series Works Blue *You're Invited To A Free Test Event *Multimedia Processor Delivers Dazzling Cell-Phone Images 4. Upcoming Industry Events *Symposium on Quality of Electronic Design *Portable Power Developer's Conference *SID International Symposium 2005 5. Magazine Highlights: March 3, 2005 *Cover Story: Engineering Feature -- Technology At War *Leapfrog: First Look -- HCA Packs A Price/Performance Punch *Design View/Design Solution -- Speed Time-To-Insight Debugging For High-Speed Memory Failures Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor **************************************************************** Free Webcast: Advances in Mixed-Signal Testing March 9 at 2:00 p.m. EST This webcast, sponsored by LeCroy, will present new technology that allows engineers to add 32 digital channels to existing four-channel oscilloscopes. It also will present easy-to-use techniques for testing a mixture of analog and digital signals. Emphasis will be placed on practical examples, including setup, triggering, decoding of digital buses, and making measurements on mixed analog-digital signals. To register, go to: http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46FA:1001CD ***** Free Showcast: Embedded Systems Conference March 10 at 4:00 p.m. EST Embedded designers deal with a host of constraints: low power consumption, high performance, and reliability, to name just a few. Not surprisingly, these are the same issues being addressed by the trends expected at this year's Embedded System Conference (ESC). The show features tiny, low-power 8-bit MCUs side by side with the latest boards utilitzing high-speed interconnects such as PCI Express. Our ESC showcast, sponsored by Actel and Kontron, will track the latest products and prototypes at the show. To register, go to: http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46FC:1001CD ***** THOUGHT YOU'D MISSED THEM? DON'T WORRY, THEY'RE ARCHIVED Electronic Design's webcasts are available online: COM Express -- Emerging Standard: Explore the new Computer-on-Module standard from the PICMG. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4700:1001CD Next-Generation In-House PCB Prototyping: Produce your own PCB prototypes without the use of hazardous chemicals. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46F9:1001CD Selecting the Best ASIC Solution, I: Dave Bursky discusses the selection process with a panel of ASIC manufacturers. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4700:1001CD ***** BE SURE TO VISIT Electronic Design's Web site, where the power of Electronic Design is a mouse click away! Read our Web exclusives, enjoy our Quick Poll, discover Featured Vendors, access our archives, share viewpoints in our forums, explore our e-newsletters, and more. TAKE OUR CURRENT QUICK POLL: What's your favorite portable electronic device? -- Cell phone -- Personal digital assistant (PDA) -- Smart phone or PDA with e-mail capability -- iPod or other MP3 player -- Notebook computer with wireless connectivity Vote at Electronic Design ==> http://www.elecdesign.com **************************************************************** ********************** 1. Editor's View -- Exclusive to Electronic Design UPDATE ********************** Personal Security Gets A Boost From Biometric Advances By Dave Bursky, Digital ICs/DSP Editor As we worry more about identity theft and ponder what we would do if someone gained access to the personal and business data we keep on our computers, PDAs, and even cell phones, data security is fast becoming a critical aspect of everyday life. Nowhere was this more clearly pointed out than at last month's RSA Data Security conference, held in San Francisco ( http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4706:1001CD ). On display were hundreds of solutions ranging from personal biometric-based devices using fingerprint sensors to high-performance subsystems that protect large enterprise networks. For personal security, the cost to implement fingerprint matching has been dropping over the last few years thanks to advances in sensor technology and improved computer horsepower. As a result, today you can purchase cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, keyboards, and even disk drives and USB flash memory drives with built-in fingerprint sensors. A few new players showed their biometric solutions at this year's conference, too. A spinoff from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Beyond LSI Inc., demonstated a new fingerprint authentication technology based on ridge information extracted from the captured fingerprint rather than on the more commonly used Minutiae feature points. Beyond's scheme requires just 64 data bytes per fingerprint, which the company claims is the industry's smallest data footprint. In addition to the smaller data requirements, the company also has developed a high-speed processing algorithm that authenticates a fingerprint in just 40 ms. The short computation time and small data requirement are a good fit for next-generation smart cards that will incorporate fingerprint authentication. Check out the company at http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4708:1001CD Another vendor, Precise Biometrics Inc., employs a proprietary scheme that stores multiple small images of a fingerprint as a template. To verify an individual's identity, the reader captures the fingerprint using three critera: pattern, curvature, and depth. It then compares the captured data to the stored template. The company uses this approach, called Precise BioMatch, for storing templates on SmartCards or for use with fingerprint capture devices. For details, go to http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4701:1001CD Privaris Inc. has put biometrics into a wireless keyfob. The company merges RFID, Bluetooth connectivity, and fingerprint sensing to provide wireless physical and logical security in a single device. The BPID Model LFBT security device functions both in locally and remotely stored credential environments. All fingerprint processing, encoding, storage, and matching are performed in the device. Based on an ARM7 66-MHz RISC processor, the unit packs in 512 kbytes of flash storage and a biometric sensor with 250-dpi resolution. For more, go to http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4709:1001CD Embedding biometrics in a portable hard drive or a flash-memory drive, Memory Experts International protects data for users on the go. The Outbacker drive is a USB 2.0 low-power hard-disk drive available in 20- or 40-Gbyte capacities. A fingerprint touchsensor built into the drive housing and integrated management software stores up to 10 different fingerprints so multiple users can access the data. The ClipDrive Bio is a flash-based USB drive available in capacities from 64 Mbytes to 4 Gbytes. Based on a TruPrint sensor from AuthenTec, it includes a four- to 40-character password that can be used as a backup to the biometric access control feature. For further information, go to http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4702:1001CD There also are plenty of aftermarket biometic sensors available, some as standalone devices that can be added to a computer or other system, and others incoporated into peripherals such as keyboards and mice. Zvetco Biometrics offers its Verifi family, which includes the P4000 waterproof fingerprint reader, the K4000 PC keyboard with built-in fingerprint sensor, and the P3400 standalone fingerprint sensor. All are based on the AuthenTec TruPrint sensor and connect to systems via USB ports. For more, go to http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=470A:1001CD To comment on this Editor's View, go to Reader Comments at the foot of the Web page: Electronic Design UPDATE ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46F7:1001CD **************************************************************** *************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** SPONSORED BY: TRUE CIRCUITS, INC. True Circuits PLLs silicon-proven in ARM 926, 1022, 1026, and 1136 processor cores. These high-quality, low-jitter PLL hard macros are available for immediate delivery in a range of frequencies, multiplication factors, sizes and functions in TSMC, UMC and Chartered processes from 0.25um to 90nm. Call (650) 691-2500 or visit the timing experts at http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4704:1001CD **************************************************************** ********************** 2. Focus On DSP ********************** ***ZSP Cores Now Offer aacPlus Audio Streams Thanks to a collaboration between LSI Logic's ZSP division, Coding Technologies Inc., and ESPICO Ltd., MPEG-4 aacPlus decoding is now available for use on all ZSP digital signal processor (DSP) cores offered by LSI Logic and its licensees. The software module is performance-optimized for use with the ZSP400 core so customers can quickly enable advanced mobile products. Already standardized by MPEG and 3GPP, aacPlus v2 combines advanced audio coding (AAC) with Coding Technologies' spectral band replication (SBR) and parametric stereo technologies. SBR is a unique bandwidth extension technique that enables audio codecs to deliver the same quality at half the bit rate, and parametric stereo enhances the codec efficiency a second time for low-bit-rate stereo signals. The result is that aacPlus delivers streaming and downloadable 5.1 multichannel audio at 128 kbits/s, near CD-quality stereo at 32 kbits/s, excellent quality stereo at 24 kbits/s, and mixed content down to 16 kbits/s and below. The ZSP cores are available as synthesizable cores and hard macros, as well as off-the-shelf general-purpose voice processors and application-specific standard products from LSI Logic and ZSP licensees. LSI Logic ZSP division ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=470F:1001CD Coding Technologies Inc. ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46FF:1001CD ESPICO Ltd. ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=470C:1001CD ********************** 3. News -- From The Editors ********************** ***LED Series Works Blue The Cotco TBL Blue Series LEDs utilize the most recent advances in InGaN/SiC technology for enhanced luminous intensity and performance. The die process combines highly efficient indium-gallium-nitride (InGaN) materials with a silicon-carbide (SiC) substrate in a geometrically enhanced Epi-down chip structure design to maximize light extraction efficiency. The material also incorporates a current distribution layer that requires only a single wire bond for increased LED reliability. The vertically structured LED chips are approximately 115 microns in height and require a low forward voltage. Luminous intensities range up to 12,000 mcd. TBL Blue LEDs are available in 5-mm round and elliptical package styles with a variety of viewing angles. Pricing starts at $0.38 in 5000-unit lots. Cotco TBL Series LEDs are only available through Marktech Optoelectronics. Marktech Optoelectronics ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4707:1001CD ***You're Invited To A Free Test Event National Instruments will join Tektronix, Virginia Panel, Thermotron, and other companies to bring the Automated Test Summit 2005 to 14 cities across North America from April to June. Host cities include San Jose, Irvine, Boston, Chicago, and Phoenix. Attendees of this free, full-day event can learn about emerging trends and techniques in design validation and manufacturing test and see the latest automated test innovations in action. Event keynotes, technical sessions, and case studies will address product quality and test platforms, as well as new technologies such as PCI Express, synchronization and calibration strategies, software autoscheduling, and appropriate bus selections for your system. National Instruments ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4705:1001CD ***Multimedia Processor Delivers Dazzling Cell-Phone Images Upgrade the multimedia performance on mobile phones and other wireless handhelds with the GoForce 3D 4800 wireless media processor (WMP) from Nvidia Corp. This WMP delivers realistic 3D graphics, megapixel still imaging, and high-quality video capture and playback. For game performance, a programmable pixel shader, four- and eight-bit texture palettes, and support for up to six simultaneous textures enable the graphics engine to depict virtual worlds in realistic detail. To catch high-quality photos, the processor includes a JPEG hardware encoder capable of capturing images with up to 3-Mpixel resolution. In addition, an embedded hardware MPEG-4 codec supports VGA-resolution video at up to 30 frames/s. Pricing for the GoForce 3D 4800 wireless WMPs is approximately $25 each in small quantities and much less in large production quantities. Sampling now, the chips will be available in mobile phones by the end of this year. NVIDIA Corp. ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=470B:1001CD *************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Tektronix Timing Error Challenge Put your EE skills to the test in the Tektronix Timing Error Challenge! Simply answer our five quiz questions and you'll have a shot at swapping the regular button-down for a classy Electronic Design t-shirt. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46FD:1001CD **************************************************************** ********************** 4. Upcoming Industry Events ********************** March 28-30, IEEE International Symposium on Quality of Electronic Design (ISQED 2005) San Jose, Calif. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=470D:1001CD April 18-20, Portable Power Developer's Conference (PPDC '05) San Jose, Calif. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=4703:1001CD May 22-27, Society for Information Displays (SID) International Symposium 2005 Boston, Mass. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=470E:1001CD ********************** 5. Magazine Highlights ********************** In case you missed them, here are some of the high points of our most recent issue. March 3, 2005: * Cover Story: Engineering Feature -- Technology At War On the front lines: Today's soldier takes aim via advanced electronics. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46F5:1001CD * Leapfrog: First Look -- HCA Packs A Price/Performance Punch This single-chip, 10-Gbit/s InfiniBand host channel adapter costs under $70 and consumes less than 2 W. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46F6:1001CD * Design View/Design Solution -- Speed Time-To-Insight Debugging For High-Speed Memory Failures http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46F4:1001CD For the complete Table of Contents, go to Electronic Design ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46F8:1001CD **************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE ONLINE TO ELECTRONIC DESIGN If you're reading this e-newsletter, then you are either a current Electronic Design subscriber, or should be (145,000 of your peers are). To apply for or renew a subscription to Electronic Design absolutely FREE and without paperwork or hassle, click on the link below. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=46FE:1001CD ****************************************************************




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