Electronic Design

Embedded: 16-Bit MCUs: Live Long And Prosper

An on-chip 8-MHz oscillator with 1% accuracy, low-voltage detection, and a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter highlights the low-cost 12-MHz H8/36902G and H8/36912G microcontrollers. The chips, members of a line of 16-bit MCUs, pack up to 8 kbytes of flash and 1.5 kbytes of RAM. There's also the typical complement of timers featuring a three-phase pulse-width-modulation mode and an I2C interface (H8/36912G only). Pricing starts at $1.60. ROM versions are available. The High-Performance Embedded Workshop provides software support, including a C/C++ compiler and debugger.

Renesas Technology America Inc.

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