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FEC Chip Gets Speed Boost

Improving on the company’s Astro-OC3 turbo product code (TPC) forward error correction (FEC) IC, the AHA4540 is said to deliver more powerful error correction codes at lower code rates while meeting OC3 data-rate requirements. Designed for use in satellite communications and other applications that require very high data rates, the new device is claimed as the only commercially available TPC technology-based IC to achieve maximum coded-channel rates up to 200 Mb/s. According to the company, users will be able to reduce bandwidth, increase data throughput, increase range by 40%, reduce antenna size by 30%, reduce transmitter power by two times or reduce the receiver's noise figure by 3 dB. The device integrates a TPC encoder and decoder and can operate in full-duplex mode. It supports block sizes up to 16 Kb, helical interleaving, synchronization, scrambling, and higher-order modulation symbol mapping. For more details, call COMTECH AHA CORP., Pullman, WA. (509) 334-1000.


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