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Ferroelectric RAMs Pack Megabit Capacity

A pair of ferroelectric RAMs (FRAMs), the MB85R1001 and 1002, offer 1-Mbit storage capacity. Developed by Fujitsu Microelectronics, these FRAMs feature high-speed read and write operations (100 and 250 ns, respectively), low power consumption, and high endurance.

The FRAMs have a data write speed of over 10,000 times faster than that of the EEPROMs. Consuming less than a tenth of the power during write operations, they have rewriting endurance of more than 100,000 times higher than the EEPROMs. Both FRAMs use a 1T1C cell technology that doubles the capacity without increasing chip area, compared to the traditional 2T2C cell structures used in previous FRAMs. The M85R1001 is organized as 128 kwords by 8 bits, while the 1002 is configured as 64 kwords by 16 bits.

Both FRAMs come in TSOP48 and FBGA48 packages. Sample pricing begins at $19 each in 1000-unit lots.

Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc.

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