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Flash-Memory Family Delivers Densities From 16 to 256 Mbits

The complete Spansion S29AL/GLxxxM flash-memory family was developed, manufactured, and produced entirely by FASL LLC. All chips in the family are based on the MirrorBit memory-cell technology employed by Advanced Micro Devices in its flash-memory family (that is before the memory group joined the flash-memory group at Fujitsu to form Spansion, or FASL LLC). The S29AL/GLxxxM memory chips, produced using 230-nm design rules, come in capacities ranging from 16 to 256 Mbits. The family is optimized for embedded and industrial markets, and can deliver a cost structure comparable to 180-nm multilevel cell (MLC) and 130-nm single-bit/cell floating-gate technologies. The higher density members of the S29L/GLxxxM family will migrate to an advanced, 110-nm version of the MirrorBit technology by late 2004 for lower cost and still higher capacities.

www.amd.com, www.fma.fujitsu.com

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