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Front-End Chipsets Enhance Digital Video Receivers

Designed for digital terrestrial video receivers, the TDA6650TT/TDA6651TT mixer-oscillator/phase locked loop (MOPLL) and the TDA9888TS/TDA9889TS automatic gain control (AGC) amplifier promise to dramatically improve digital video reception. They employ a unique architecture that optimizes phase noise performance while reducing the number of external components. Complying with NORDIG specifications, the TDA- 6650TT/TDA6651TT MOPLL down-converts the antenna signal to a first IF with a phase noise of 90 dBc/Hz. In addition to terrestrial digital video reception, the MOPLL can also process analog TV signals. The TDA9889TS (European/North American standard) and TDA9888TS (Japanese standard) frequency selective AGC amplifiers apply automatic gain control to the output of the MOPLL and further down-convert the signal to a 5 MHz, second IF with out-of-band channel filtering. The TDA6650TT and TDA6651TT will initially be available in a TSSOP38 and eventually in a 6 mm x 6 mm HVQFN40 package, priced at $1.30 each/10,000. The TDA9888TS and TDA9889TS are housed in 16-pin SSOPs and cost $1.25 each/10,000. PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS, Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 234-7381.


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