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Front-End Modules Perform Digitizing In Video And Multimedia Equipment

Advanced analog filtering, dc restoration, A/D conversion, and digital filtering are all built into the FE-100 Series of video front-end modules for digitizing high-quality analog video. The fully tested modules need only the addition of a pixel clock and clamp pulse to go to work in video, medical imaging, fiber optic and other multimedia applications.Initially designed around Raytheon's TMC22x5yA digital video decoder, the FE-100 modules can be configured to operate with a variety of other decoders. They're available with 10- or 12-bit digitizing options configured for luminance, chrominance or composite. All are laser active-trimmed from analog-input impedance through to A/D converter for flat frequency response of 0.05 dB, 0.1 dB, or 0.5 dB. Superior analog filtering provides passband response of ±0.05 dB to 6 MHz and group delay of 10 ns for extremely high performance applications.


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