Full-Duplex NPU Hits 100 Gbits/s

Broadcom_0905-ASanta Cruz, California, U.S.: Broadcom has launched the industry’s first 100-Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) full-duplex network processor (NPU), according to the company. Each of the BCM88030’s 64 custom processors runs at 1 GHz.

Built on Broadcom’s XGS Core architecture, the BCM88030 features extensive multi-threading and hardware acceleration for packet parsing, classification, and lookups. Its software development environment makes it completely user-programmable for maximum flexibility.

This high-performance NPU family includes a proprietary algorithmic lookup engine using DDR-3 DRAM that enables highly scalable MAC and IP tables. Algorithmic on-chip access control list (ACL) capability is available along with seamless expansion using Broadcom’s NL566xx knowledge-based processor (KBP).

The BCM88030 family consists of three devices, including the 100-Gbit/s BCM88038 NPU, the 50-Gbit/s BCM88034 NPU, and the BCM88032 24-Gbit/s NPU. All are sampling now.


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