Electronic Design

High Security, Low Power

Pulling only 6 mA, M-Systems' Superscalar Modular Arithmetic Processor (SuperMAP) coprocessor handles the RSA 1024 algorithm with ease—and that's just one of the cryptographic algorithms SuperMAP supports, making this core IP ideal for embedded security in products like smart cards.

Unlike some competitors, SuperMAP can manage key lengths in excess of 4 kbits if enough memory is available. Other available algorithms include DSS, DES, Triple DES, Diffie Helman, and the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rinjdael algorithm. It can handle data hashing and ECC in both number fields as well.

SuperMAP suits applications where power consumption is critical, like cell phones. This is where its ability to power down the processor while performing its encryption magic comes in handy. SuperMAP also resists simple and differential power analysis (SPA/DPA) through timing and power consumption levels that might otherwise be used to bypass the security system.

Contact M-Systems for licensing terms.

M-Systems Inc., www.m-sys.com; (510) 494-2090.

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