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Host-Based Storage Technology Offers Customizable Security

According to the U.S. Commerce department, IP theft costs U.S. businesses about $250 billion each year. Many stories in the news have described stolen storage devices like hard-disk drives containing sensitive data. These devices are rarely recovered, and the data is put to malicious use. And they've been stolen from the military, government research facilities, and large corporations.

If you're not careful, your IP or sensitive data could be next. To address these issues, SiliconSystems' SiliconDrive Secure family provides a simple yet robust storage technology with customizable security and fast data sanitization (see the figure). SiliconDrive Secure may be configured so critical data and IP is associated with a specific SiliconDrive Secure device. SiliconDrive Secure also helps you:

  • Use host-based industry-standard encryption, such as 128-bit AES, or implement custom key-based encryption to best suit your needs
  • Prevent malicious attempts to overwrite data and prevent unauthorized access
  • Erase and sanitize sensitive data automatically in the event of attempted device access using a different host in as few as a few seconds per gigabyte
  • Designate up to five "security zones" with varying read/write access, the option to password-protect each zone, and the option to erase only, erase and destroy data, or erase and then program a pattern of meaningless data.

SiliconDrive Secure is available on flash cards and small hard-disk drives. The capacity ranges from 32 Mbytes to 16 Gbytes. A 1-Gbyte compact flash device is priced at $100 in quantities of 5000.

Silicon Systems

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