Electronic Design

HSIC USB 2.0 Hub Outfits Portable Apps

Providing High Speed Inter-Chip (HSIC) USB 2.0 connectivity, the USB3503 USB portable hub controller uses SMSC’s patented Inter-Chip Connectivity (ICC) technology to offer USB connectivity solution for portable battery powered applications. ICC enables the USB 2.0 protocol to be delivered over short distances consuming a fraction of the power of a traditional USB 2.0 analog interface while retaining the software compatibility with an analog USB 2.0 connection. The USB3503 offers three downstream ports and is specifically designed for portable embedded applications where more than one USB port is required. It attaches to an upstream port via HSIC and supports low, full, and hi-speed downstream devices on all enabled downstream ports. SMSC, Hauppauge, NY. (631) 435-6000.

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