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I2C Multiplexer Delivers More Reliable & Consistent Switching

Switching for multiple system management buses and multiple I2C devices is said to be made more reliable with PCA954x I2C multiplexers. The chips provide multiplexing and interrupt control to eliminate the need for glue logic and general-purpose I/Os, as well as providing diodes to enable shifting between 5.0V and 3.3V buses and to isolate buses to prevent system hang-ups.The PCA954x family presently includes three devices: PCA9540 two-channel I2C multiplexer for switching between two I2C devices or buses; PCA9542 two-channel multiplexer that allows a bus to use eight PCA9542s for switching up to 16 I2C devices or buses; and PCA9544 four-channel multiplexer for switching up to 32 I2C devices or buses.


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