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IC Supports Four Video & Two Audio Inputs

Designed for applications such as DVD players, VCRs, and digital receivers for satellite, cable, and terrestrial TV, the quad AVPro 5001 is a universal driver IC for worldwide use and has the SCART switching functions required in European applications. Each of the four video inputs includes a path that has a gain of 2 with output buffers to drive a 150 ohm load. Two versions are available to support RGB video with an additional composite CVBS channel, while the other supports S-video with two independent composite channels. This device accepts stereo audio inputs, typically from an external stereo DAC. Each audio path has two output drivers that are buffered to provide 2 Vrms outputs to 600 ohms. Additionally, the audio drivers use ±5V power supplies so outputs are centered around ground to allow direct coupling of the audio outputs to the associated load.


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