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Image Processor Delivers 10 Mpixels/s

An application-specific, single-chip imaging processor for applications that employ charge coupled devices, the ADCDS-1410 provides a 14-bit resolution and a throughput rate of 10 Mpixels/s in a 40-pin TDIP. The processor exhibits a typical power consumption of 800 mW and a minimum signal-to-noise ratio of 73 dB. It integrates a user-configurable input amplifier, correlated double sampler, and a sampling a/d converter. Other features include adjustable gain and offset, a precision 2.4V output reference circuit, an out-of-range detector, and a programmable analog bandwidth function. Price is $195 each/100 with delivery from stock to six weeks. C&D TECHNOLOGIES INC., Tucson, AZ. (800) 547-2537.


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